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I decided recently that I ought to start properly studying Japanese again (for some years I've not really made much active effort, though I have continued reading novels). So far I have:

  • Set a goal -- I'm going to take level N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test next summer. I think this should be doable with some effort to shore up and de-rust the areas I'm weaker in.
  • Ordered some books with mock test papers.
  • Set up my Android tablet and chromecast so that I can listen to podcasts via my TV, and found some Japanese podcasts to use as listening practice. (This is handy for instilling humility about how lousy my listening comprehension is.)
  • Installed the rikaichan for Android Firefox extension so I can tap on words and get a dictionary-lookup popup. (I've had this for ages on my desktop web browser, but these days I do a lot of tablet-based browsing too.)
  • Installed the flashcard app Anki, recovered a few old card decks I had from backups of my old laptop and started reviewing a new JLPT1-vocab deck.
  • Worked through the 'warmup problems' in an old JLPT1 listening practice book I've owned for a decade and never yet used...
The JLPT test format doesn't cover speaking or writing at all; I haven't yet decided what to do about that.

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